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How Arto Galleria Works?

How Arto Galleria Works?

With Arto Galleria, you have the possibility to post your works on our platform for free. Our team takes care of the promotion of all the artists in our community. You have no contract to sign, no membership fees or monthly fees to pay.

Our commission is 25% of the proceeds of your sales only. You have no exclusivity to respect regarding the display of your works. We only require compliance on the prices of your works that are posted elsewhere than on our site. We do not ask for any compensation for an artwork sold elsewhere than on our platform.

During a sale, our team ensures first and foremost the conformity of the transaction. Then, we contact you to confirm that your work is still available and that you wish to finalize the sale. If you accept, you will have to proceed with the packaging according to Arto Galleria's standards. Then drop your work to the selected carrier's point of service.

Arto Galleria is responsible for coordinating the delivery of the artwork. However, it is the buyer who bears the delivery costs, unless an artist decides to offer free delivery of his work within a radius of X Km from his studio in order to increase his sales volume. (optional)

Updated on: 18/06/2023

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