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How can I offer free shipping on certain artworks?

Some artists may want to offer customers free shipping on certain artworks. If you are one of them:

Go to your " Arto Galleria Pro " account.

Click on the " Artworks " section.

Select the artwork you want to offer free shipping on.

Go to the " Free Shipping " section and click " Add Country ".

Select all four region individually (Canada, United States, Europe, Mexico).

Click on “ Save ” at the bottom of the page.

When you offer free shipping of your own accord, you will be absorbing the costs that the customer would have paid to get your artwork.

Arto Galleria will coordinate delivery to ensure a safe transaction between the artist and the buyer, as stated in our sales policy.

The delivery service selected by the buyer from our accredited carriers will pick up the package at your studio as scheduled and deliver it to the customer. You will not have the option to manage the shipping of your artwork yourself.

Shipping costs will be deducted from your commission.
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