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A buyer just cancelled their order. What must I do?

A buyer just cancelled their order. What must I do?

If one of your customers cancels their order, you will receive a message from Arto Galleria that will inform you of the situation.

You must accept this request, but you can also contact the customer if you want a clearer idea of the reason behind the cancellation. For example, there might have been a simple issue or confusion that can easily be taken care of. In the event that a customer no longer wishes to cancel their order, it is important to inform Arto Galleria of the situation.

If the buyer still wants to go through with the cancellation, you will have to make the artwork in question available once more on Arto Galleria’s website so another interested customer can purchase it. How do I mark or unmark an artwork as sold?

The situation is different in the case of commissioned artwork orders. To learn more about it, please read Commissioned Artworks articles.

What happens if the order has already been shipped?

The artwork is already on its way to the buyer’s address of shipment, but you didn't indicate that it was shipped yet? Quickly contact your customer and our Arto Galleria team! Usually, we will simply ask the buyer to inform us of the artwork’s arrival so that we can arrange its return to you.

Note: You will not get paid for any cancelled orders.

Updated on: 09/05/2021

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