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How do I cancel a client's order?

How do I cancel a client's order?

The procedure to cancel an order is simple:

Click on your avatar to access your Arto Galleria Pro account.

Go to the “ Sales ” section.

Click on the order that you want to cancel.

Click on “ Cancel sale ”.

The buyer will receive an email as soon as the cancellation request is processed.

Note: It is always good to contact the buyer to explain the reason for this cancellation.

Note: You will not get paid for any cancelled orders.

Punitive Measures for Excessive Number of Cancellations

Since cancellations can seriously affect how a buyer perceives Arto Galleria, we may impose penalties or ban an artist with an unusually high number of cancellations. We might be more tolerant only in extenuating circumstances.

Updated on: 18/05/2021

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