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Return Policy

Return Policy

At Arto Galleria, we aim to satisfy you as we want to become your reference in the artworld. That’s why we think your artwork purchase and delivery experience should be an easy and breezy process. Here is how.

10 Days for Free Returns

All our customers get a 10-day no risk money back guarantee on any artwork order. We also arrange the collection and return shipment and it won’t cost you a dime.

To ensure your return request is granted:

You must have received the artwork less than 10 days before your request.

It must be in the same condition as upon arrival.

The artwork must be carefully shipped back in appropriate packaging (ideally in its original packaging) for you to get a refund. In case of insufficient packaging, please repackage as best as you can and include pictures for insurance purposes (see: How to package my artworks to avoid damages during the delivery).

When it comes to artworks that have incurred damage during shipping, please send us pictures of said damage (within a maximum of 48 hours after receiving the artwork) to let the artist know what might have gone wrong with the shipment and to validate the reason for the return.

You benefit from 10 days upon receipt of the artwork to request a return and another 10 days to fulfil it.

Note: Since it is custom-made, no commissioned artwork can be sent back.

Cancellation of an order following the expiration of a deadline

Dispatch delay: Shipment must respect the “Usual Dispatch Delay” specified on the Artwork’s posting. If an order is not marked as shipped within the Specified Delivery Time on the Artwork’s posting, you can ask Arto Galleria to cancel the order. On the other hand, it is suggested to communicate with the artist first to understand the reasons for this delay. It may well be that your purchase has already been shipped, but the artist simply forgot to indicate it on the order.

Expected delivery date: If you haven't received your order 30 days after the expected delivery date, you can decide to cancel your purchase. Please try to contact the artist first to understant the reason for this delay.

Step to Request a Return

To request a return, a replacement or a refund of your purchase, you must send us an email at that includes the reason for the return, the exchange or the refund, as well as pictures supporting the reason for this return, exchange or refund, if applicable.

For any cancellation, it will be processed within one working day. If, however, the artwork has already been sent to you, we will first have to wait for you to receive the artwork and then return it to the seller. See the steps below: What to expect after requesting a return.

If your artwork has been damaged in transit, simply follow the return instructions outlined above. To facilitate the refund or replacement process, please include specific photos of the damage and email us within 48 hours of receiving the damaged artwork.

What to Expect After Requesting a Return

Once received, your request will be processed within one working day.

We’ll email you with the pick-up date and forward all instructions and relevant documents one working day before collection (shipping labels, commercial invoices for international shipments, etc.).

You will get a complete refund (artwork value + initial shipping costs) within 24 to 48 hours after the artwork is returned to the artist.

If you chose to have your purchase replaced instead, the seller will send your new artwork once they receive the original piece.

Note: For your convenience, we have provided an English version of the original document. This translation is for informational purposes only, and the definitive and original version of this document is the French version.

Updated on: 14/04/2021

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