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Commission Policy

Commission Policy

1. Commission

It is FREE to register and upload your artworks for sale on Arto Galleria. Thus, there are no fees for creating an account. However, we do charge a commission, including taxes where applicable, on sales made on our Platform (all posted artworks on Arto Galleria and custom artworks), in accordance with this Commission Policy currently in effect.

For each sale made on Arto Galleria’s Platform, a 25% commission will be deducted from the gross product of sale. Your net product is, therefore, the gross product of sale (price of the sold artworks minus any discount offered by you or Arto Galleria in accordance with the Terms & Conditions of Sales from which is deducted the commission amount and all applicable sales taxes, as the case may be.

2. Taxes on Commission

Each sale made on our Platform is the artist’s sale, and not Arto Galleria’s. Arto Galleria acts strictly as an intermediary.

For Canadian artists who are not registered for tax purposes, the sales commission is not taxable.
For Canadian artists who are registered for tax purposes (GST and PST, or HST), the sales commission on artworks is taxable. For these artists, the provincial and federal taxes, or the harmonized tax, will be applicable on the commission (25% + taxes). Tax percentages can vary according to the province or territory in which the services were offered. Artists can then request a tax credit or refund on their income tax return for services offered by Arto Galleria.

3. Revenue Transfer

For each sale made, we transfer your net revenue to the bank account you have previously selected. The transfer will be made from the date ox expiration of the return period allowed (Return Policy) and as per the Payment Cycle, provided there are no administrative delays.

Arto Galleria reserves the right to put on hold any revenue transfer if there is a dispute or a reasonable possibility of one between you and us or you and the customer, until said dispute is resolved.

4. Invoicing and Statements

At the end of each cycle of payment, you will receive a statement by email that confirms the amount of the revenue transfer for your artwork sales during this cycle and the intended transfer date, in accordance with the Conditions of Sales.

Arto Galleria will also send you a detailed invoice for our commission fees and applicable taxes (as the case may be) for all of the artworks sold between two payment cycles.

You will also be able to consult your invoices or statements on your Arto Galleria Pro artist profile.

Note: For your convenience, we have provided an English version of the original document. This translation is for informational purposes only, and the definitive and original version of this document is the French version.

Updated on: 26/07/2021

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