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What are the applicable fees on my sales?

What are the applicable fees on my sales?

It is absolutely FREE to register in order to start posting and selling your artworks on the Arto Galleria website. However, we do charge a commission on each artwork sold on the platform.


We charge a 25% commission on the gross value of your artworks. This commission does not apply to shipping fees related to your orders, since these are directly linked to your own shipping costs.

Taxes on commission:

Each sale made on our platform is the artist’s sale, and not Arto Galleria’s. Arto Galleria acts strictly as an intermediary.

For Canadian artists who are not registered for tax purposes, the sales commission is not taxable.


For Canadian artists who are registered for tax purposes (GST and PST, or HST), the sales commission on artworks is taxable. For these artists, the provincial and federal taxes, or the harmonized tax, will be applicable on the commission (25% + taxes). Tax percentages can vary according to the province or territory in which the services were offered. Artists can then request a tax credit or refund on their income tax return for services offered by Arto Galleria.

Example :

Updated on: 10/06/2021

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