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Packaging policy

Packaging policy

Shipping Guidelines and Procedures

It is up to you, the seller, to pack and label your sold artwork safely and in time. But don’t worry, after a while, this process will become like second nature. Take a look at the following document to get some tips on packaging best practices to make your pakaging as worry-free as possible.

Wrap the parcel as soon as possible: Ensure this is done within the dispatch window that was initially promised. If you need additional time, don’t forget to set a new expected dispatch date and notify our team about it. To avoid damage, pack your artwork with both reinforced and padded materials (see: How can I package my artwork to avoid damages during delivery?). Sending some personal touches with the order (a thank you note, stickers, business card, etc.) can also be seen as a great token of appreciation for your customer’s purchase and can even lead to other sales opportunities in the future.

Keep your shipping confirmation: To protect yourself, it is important to keep the shipping confirmation that you will be given (when your package is collected at your residence/workshop or at the service counter) by the chosen carrier and paid by the buyer. Please note that the shipping confirmation must include a tracking or reference number.

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Updated on: 20/08/2021

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