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Can I sell prints of my original artworks?

Can I sell prints of my original artworks?

Yes, artists can sell a number of prints of their original artworks (also called “ limited editions ”). It is prohibited to sell prints of another artist’s artworks. Note that prints are currently available for original paintings, drawings, photographies and collages.

Guidelines regarding the sale of limited edition prints:

Arto Galleria allows a maximum number of 100 limited edition prints of an original artwork. (but we strongly recommend producing less.)

Artists must provide a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity (e.g., 1 of 100) with each print sold OR sign and number each print before shipping.

The same Sales Terms and Conditions apply for prints as do for any other artwork sold on Arto Galleria, meaning everything that concerns commissions, possible promotions and cycle of payment.

Arto Galleria reserves the right to remove any print that is not represented properly. This guideline has been established with an objective of transparency with the customers on the nature of their purchase and what it represents.

Note: We cannot be held responsible for the printing or shipping of limited editions. Artists are solely responsible for their final product, from shipping to customer experience.

Updated on: 28/05/2021

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