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How Do I Add an Artwork to My Artist Profile?

To add a new artwork to your profile, simply follow these easy steps:

Access your “ Arto Galleria Pro profile “.

See: How do I access my Arto Galleria Pro profile?

Click on “ Artworks ” in the left menu.

Click on “ New Artwork ”.

Sections to complete when submitting a new artwork:

Main image of the artwork: Upload the main image (cover image) which will be the first to be displayed for this artwork. It will also be used to create your contextual images. Note that any image should be of sufficient quality to be accepted (at least 800 pixels in width / 7.790174 Inch).

Information about the artwork: Choose the title, category, style and subject from the tabbed menu, as well as the main colour of the artwork.

Description: Provide a brief but complete description of the artwork. For tips on composing text, please read: What to Include in the Description of My Artwork?

Artwork price: Choose the base price of your artwork in the currency indicated (chosen when creating your artist profile). This section also allows you to apply a percentage discount ("Discount") and determine if you accept to negotiate the price of the artwork. For more information, see: How Do I Price My Artwork?

Dimensions: Enter the width, height and depth of your artwork in the units of measurement indicated (chosen when creating your artist profile).

Type of packaging: Enter the type of packaging used for your artwork according to the options offered.

Packaging size: Enter the dimensions and weight of the packaging. This information will be used to estimate shipping costs.

Gallery: Once you have uploaded your main image, you will have the option to upload up to ten (10) additional images. It is strongly suggested that you include images that are different from your main image (your artwork from different angles, zoomed in to show texture, etc.). Contextual images can also give your customers a glimpse of your artwork in a room similar to what they might find at home. Arto Galleria also offers a preset selection of rooms.

Free shipping: Indicate in which countries you would like to offer free shipping (optional).

When you offer free shipping of your own accord, you will be absorbing the costs that the customer would have paid to get your artwork.

Arto Galleria will coordinate delivery to ensure a safe transaction between the artist and the buyer, as stated in our sales policy.

The delivery service selected by the buyer from our accredited carriers will pick up the package at your studio as scheduled and deliver it to the customer. You will not have the option to manage the shipping of your artwork yourself.

Shipping costs will be deducted from your commission.

Additional information: Add details about the delivered product (e.g., the support, whether it is framed, ready to hang, signed and/or comes with a certificate of authenticity).

Keywords: Add keywords that will help customers find your artwork more easily in a search. It is strongly suggested that you include as many specific keywords as possible that may relate to your artwork to increase the chances of a sale.

Prints of the artwork: You can offer prints of your artwork. You must indicate the price, the number of prints, the shipping costs and the dimensions of each print. (We recommend that you limit the quantity of prints to 100 units for your artworks in order to preserve their rarity and value.)

Note: For each new piece of information added, don't forget to click on "Save" at the top or bottom of the page, or "Submit for Review" in the case of a new artwork, otherwise you will lose the data entered.
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