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How can I encourage customers to buy when they have one of my artworks in their cart?

Don’t worry! Arto Galleria is there to help you complete sales. First, you must know that even if an artwork is in a customer’s cart, it is still available for purchase by any other customer. To help give a friendly nudge to a customer who has had one of your artworks in his cart for an unusually long period of time, Arto Galleria will send an email reminding them to complete their purchase, as long as the customer’s email preferences allow it.

Here is an overview of the possible content of this email:

A reminder that the items in the customer’s cart are not reserved and could be sold to someone else at any time without notice.
A reminder of Arto Galleria’s 10-day free Return policy.
Information on how to reach Arto Galleria’s customer service and/or the artist for any question.
A special discount offer to promote the sale, if the customer qualifies for it.
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