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How do I apply a discount on an artwork?

How do I apply a discount on an artwork?

You may want to reduce the price of an artwork for few reasons like, to help promote it or to accelerate its sale.

To apply a discount you simple have to follow those steps:

Access your “ Arto Galleria Pro profile ”.

Click on “ Artworks ”.

Select the artwork you would like to discount.

Scroll down to the “ Artwork Price ” section and choose the “ Discount ” you want to apply (in percentage).

Click “ Save ” at the top or bottom of the page.

Particularities Related to Discounts :

Make sure that your artwork’s regular price is the same as on any other potential site. You cannot boost the regular price of an artwork in order to discount it.

There is no limit on the percentage you can apply to discount an artwork, although Arto Galleria strongly suggests not to exceed 60%, to avoid devaluing your work.

There is no limit to the number of discounted items you can have, but there is no option to apply a discount on your entire artwork library. For the same reason mentioned in the previous point, it would be counterproductive to overuse discounts.

Discounts remain active as long as you don’t remove them or until the artwork is sold.

In the event that Arto Galleria promotes a sitewide discount (e.g., Black Friday) YOUR discount prevails; there will never be a double discount.

You can still activate the “ Negotiable Price ” option on a discounted artwork, but the rebate is applicable only on the regular price, not on the negotiated price.

Commissions : The commission retained by Arto Galleria will always be calculated using the net price of the transaction, regardless of applied discount.

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Note: Your artwork must have a minimum value of $ 200 CAD once the discount is applied.

Updated on: 15/03/2022

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