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How do I place an order?

How do I place an order?

To order an artwork, you must first add it to your shopping cart, by one of two ways:

1. Add an artwork to your shopping cart via the artwork page

Visit the desired artwork’s page.

Once you have examined all the details provided, click on the “ Add to cart ” button to the right of the artwork.

2. Add an artwork to your shopping cart via the “Search” page

Search for artworks using the search bar and site filters.

Bring the cursor over to the artwork you wish to purchase.

Click on the cart icon.

Your shopping cart:

Once you add an artwork to your cart, you will be automatically redirected to its content. You will then be able to validate your order or decide to return to the site to continue shopping. When you are ready to finalize your purchase, simply click the “ Checkout ” button to proceed to the cash and start the secured payment process using Stripe , where you will be asked to provide your payment details.

If you wish to delete an artwork from your cart, simply click on “ Remove ”, located beneath the artwork’s name, artist name and dimensions.

Once this is done, you can return to browsing by clicking on “ Product page ”.

Updated on: 18/05/2021

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