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What happens if I entered a faulty or incomplete address with my purchase?

What happens if I entered a faulty or incomplete address with my purchase?

A correct and complete address is crucial to ensuring a speedy delivery. Incomplete or incorrect addresses can result in delays, since the package will likely be returned to the sender. Fees can then apply and will be charged to you in such a case.

It is impossible for us to modify the shipping address once the order has been sent. Consequently, if you wish to do so, you must contact our team as soon as possible, since we maybe be able to redirect your shipment to the correct address. It will then be possible for your order to be sent to the corrected address, since your local courier can adjust the delivery coordinates.

In case the faulty address you submitted is a valid address and you haven’t provided the corrected coordinates on time, the package will be delivered to this address and it becomes your responsibility to retrieve the merchandise.

We decline all liability in cases where a faulty address was entered on the order or if you fail to take the necessary steps to recover the products at the address you wrongly provided, although we will gladly assist you in any reasonable measure possible.

In case the address provided is invalid, the package will be returned to the artist. We will then contact you to find out if you want the order to be sent to the correct address (at your expense), or if you wish to be reimbursed the full value of the merchandise. This refund will be transferred upon confirmation of the return of the artwork to the artist in its original condition.

Updated on: 16/06/2021

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