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How does Arto Galleria ensure my transactional safety?

How does Arto Galleria ensure my transactional safety?

Safety and data protection is an absolute priority for Arto Galleria. That is why we have set up security measures to minimize as much as possible any concerns by both parties about the financial aspect of any transaction. Our partnership with Stripe is one of those measures.

To help avoid any fraudulent orders, we use an automated system that verifies each order we receive. Our system is programmed to analyze a wide variety of data concerning the customer and the order, helping us detect any transaction which may require further investigation.

On occasion, our automated system could request that we proceed with a manual examination of certain information. In such a case, our team could communicate with you to validate this information before sending confirmation of the order.

What to expect if my order is under review:

We aim to complete all manual reviews within 1 or 2 business days from the date of purchase.

Once the order is validated, the artist immediately receives an email confirming the order, allowing him or her to proceed with the shipment.

Note that we will never ask you to disclose any sensitive information, such as passwords, a bank account or your credit card details.

If an order is cancelled, it is fully reimbursed using the original payment method, with no additional charge to the customer.

Note: Arto Galleria reserves the right to cancel any order, refuse access to the platform or even delete any account it deems to be fraudulent.

Updated on: 27/04/2021

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