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I don’t agree with Arto Galleria’s discount event. Can I cancel an order?

As an artist, you can choose to participate or not in Arto Galleria's promotions.

If you don't want to participate in the promotions, here's how to proceed:

Log in to your " Arto Galleria Pro " account.

Click on the " Settings " section.

Go to the " Arto Galleria Promotions " section.

To remove yourself from our promotions, simply uncheck the relevant checkbox and press " Save ". You will then be automatically removed from our promotional offers.

IMPORTANT: If you agree to participate in our promotions and then cancel a sale during a promotional purchase, you are violating the terms of your agreement as a seller with Arto Galleria. Furthermore, you are disappointing your customer who took the time to visit your virtual gallery to appreciate your work, and then made a financial commitment to purchase one of your artworks. To protect the reputation of the site, such an action on the part of an artist could result in their account's suspension.
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