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What about image theft?

What about image theft?

Of course, high resolution images increase the risk that they could get stolen online and artists might worry about that possibility. That is why we take measures to alleviate these concerns. For starters, our system makes it impossible for our users to drag images or right-click on them in order to download and save them.

Some artists might want to use watermarks on their images to protect their artwork. This practice is prohibited on Arto Galleria’s site though because it takes away from the customer’s experience. Most of all, what we aim to do is to highlight the uniqueness and authenticity of the artwork we showcase and of the experience we provide to buyers, by including features such as certificates of authenticity, numbered limited edition prints and hand-signed artworks.

Rest assured that we are always dedicated to making the Arto Galleria platform as safe as possible for artists to display their work and we take every measure for it to stay that way.

In the long run, we consider that the opportunity that high quality images give you to sell to new and future loyal clients far outweighs the risk that your images might be copied by a third party.

Updated on: 29/07/2021

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