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What to include in my artworks' descriptions?

What to include in my artworks' descriptions?

Consider this section as your artwork’s biography, that is its source of inspiration and the conditions of its creation. The description is what gives life to the product you are trying to sell to the customer. Art consumers are curious people by nature, so they seek to understand the meaning of an artwork they want to purchase. Without explaining everything, here are a few questions that can help you draft your description:

What does the artwork represent? (It can seem obvious, but you can never assume that the customer knows; the image can appear differently from one screen to another.)
Why have you created it?
Who or what inspired you?
What materials and techniques were used to create it and how do they affect its finish and texture?

Here is a good example of an artwork description:

“Baseball is my main inspiration. This digitally enhanced photography captures the beauty and precision of an athlete’s movement. When observing the original picture, I told myself it had to be modified in order to put more emphasis on the dynamic quality of this wonderful sport. The mat finish of the prints on canvas allow the artwork to be properly viewed from any angle.”

Note: To reach a wider range of potential customers, it is important that your descriptions are written in as many languages as possible.

Updated on: 24/09/2021

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