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What if the delivery has been severely delayed?

What if the delivery has been severely delayed?

In the case of a major delay, a customer might want to get reimbursed for their order.

If the package has still not arrived within 30 days of the expected date of arrival mentioned in the shipment confirmation email, our Return policy allows customers to ask for a refund.

Sometimes, an order can incur a major delay because of unforeseen circumstances or events that are out of our control (COVID-19, for example). In such situations, if the tracking has updated recently, or if the courier gave you some additional information about the delay (reasons, new expected date of arrival, etc.), we could ask the customer if they are able to wait longer.

It has been over 30 days since the estimated date of arrival and your client doesn’t want to wait anymore? That’s OK! Our customer refund policy covers that.

Note: If the artwork arrives after the refund has been processed, we will coordinate its return back to you.

Updated on: 31/05/2021

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